…aaaand we’re back to 10 on 10! Man, time flies!

Here’s just a little glimpse at what our slow moving mornings look like. Max is ALWAYS up earlier than Ella…he also peps up way more quickly.
He comes into our room in the morning already equipped with his favorite toy at the time…and after sitting for a few moments, insists upon receiving a granola bar.
He and I usually enjoy a cup of coffee and juice together before Ella even starts stirring. When Ella does decide to get up, she asks me to put her hair up, because static is her worst enemy…then she sits for a good 30 minutes in my bed before she can even think about anything…(she’s her mother’s daughter).
Max usually gets her to snap out of it eventually with his crazy antics…”Ella!! Watch me do dis!!”

I really love our leisurely mornings. Not every day is like this depending on our schedule…and I know that next year, we’ll have more structure, so for now I’m gonna hang on to every single moment.


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