It was a no brainer…some spectacular people have been married for 5 years. They needed spectacular pictures.
Brian and I have had a very special relationship with this awesome couple, Mike & Danielle Burgess. They have been around for the major events in our lives over the past few years. They were the first people to know that we were expecting our first child…knowledge held for them and us alone for 3 months! Danielle was even in the delivery room with us to meet that sweet baby for the first time. We walked arm in arm into assisting in planting the church that we now call home. We rallied around Danielle as she was diagnosed for a second time with colon cancer and supported her through the surgeries and a rough recovery. We joyfully celebrated with her as she was once again declared as a survivor. Like I said…the big stuff.

One of the coolest things about this couple is that they are unbelievably genuine. They care for their family, their church, their community, their friends, and each other with overwhelming love. They have the personality plusses of being music connoisseurs, health nuts, hockey fans, and Jesus lovers. All of that being said…it is quite apparent that these are some special folks. It was a joy to capture the love between them for their 5th Anniversary.

A huge thanks to B & Mighty for being our friends. It has been a pleasure.