10 on 10 | June 2014

10 on 10 | June 2014

When I thought about how fun it would be to feature our first camping trip on this month’s 10 on 10, I envisioned lots of sunshine and maybe some fishing, hiking, and fun in the wild. (Camping is one of our first big items to check off on our Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List! )While it was a LOT of fun, it was not what we expected. We rolled up Friday night with some sunshine and lots of excitement. We set up our campsite with our friends, made dinner, and sat around the campfire, enjoying smores and telling stories in a round…then began the rain prep. We knew there was a good chance of rain, but since we are in the Kansas City area, and the forecast rarely stays the same from one hour to the next, we were hopeful that it would be short lived. We woke up to the sound of rain on our tarp covered tent around 6am.  It rained hard all morning and the majority of the afternoon. The kids did so well…playing in the rain and hunting for snails. We tried to venture out a few times after naps, where we found the true meaning of isolated showers, that made us not want to leave our handy dandy tarp awning.

Even though we had a little rain on our parade, we still had a ton of fun with our buddies and would do it all over again!


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10 on 10 | May 2014

10 on 10 | May 2014

You will see a LOT of pictures of my nieces and nephews in my personal pictures, and this post is no different. We have a very unique family make up, because my sister and I ensured that we would always be close by marrying brothers. It’s not incest, and it’s not even really that strange. We meet people all the time who say…”Oh, yeah…my great aunt and her sister married brothers too!”.  So maybe it was more common a while back than it is now, but were still not the first people who did it!! Anyway, because of this special family make-up, our kiddos look and act like siblings! The whole family is very close, so when we get together at my in laws, there is always a lot of running, a lot of lawn mower rides (and running from the mower), lots of candy and fruit snacks, and always a ton of snuggles and fun! In the midst of all of the fun, my father in law (Poppy) is always standing by with his video camera to capture the little kid’s hilarious stories and antics. Someday we’ll actually see all of that footage, but as of now, I’m just glad that he cares as much about preserving this time as I do!
Here’s a little glimpse into an average day at Nona & Poppy’s with ALL of “my” kids.

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10 on 10 | April

10 on 10 | April

My April 10 on 10 was a fun one. One of the countless benefits of being able to work from home and and hang out with my kiddos, is having the flexibility to go on fun field trips! We went to Fogle’s Farm in Harrisonville, MO, where we got to see them hook up cows for their milking and play with pigs and baby cows! The kids were in heaven! Tessa and Max were overcome by the cuteness of the baby cows. Tessa would randomly grab Max and hug him as tightly as she could because she “just can’t handle their face!!”. Max was a mad man through the whole visit, and was totally covered in mud by the time we were ready to go. He’s definitely an outdoorsy kid.
We even bought some of the fresh raw cow’s milk…boy is it tasty!! The farmers at Fogle’s were wonderful with our kiddos, even letting them pour milk into the baby cow’s bins, and answered all of their crazy little questions with so much patience. They have a tent at the Lee’s Summit Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, so be sure to stop by and meet them and set up a tour of your own! They are the best! We will definitely visit again.




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10 on 10 | March

10 on 10 | March

…aaaand we’re back to 10 on 10! Man, time flies!

Here’s just a little glimpse at what our slow moving mornings look like. Max is ALWAYS up earlier than Ella…he also peps up way more quickly.
He comes into our room in the morning already equipped with his favorite toy at the time…and after sitting for a few moments, insists upon receiving a granola bar.
He and I usually enjoy a cup of coffee and juice together before Ella even starts stirring. When Ella does decide to get up, she asks me to put her hair up, because static is her worst enemy…then she sits for a good 30 minutes in my bed before she can even think about anything…(she’s her mother’s daughter).
Max usually gets her to snap out of it eventually with his crazy antics…”Ella!! Watch me do dis!!”

I really love our leisurely mornings. Not every day is like this depending on our schedule…and I know that next year, we’ll have more structure, so for now I’m gonna hang on to every single moment.


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10 on 10 | February

10 on 10 | February

I just joined a fun project with some fellow talented photographers to share 10 images on the 10th of each month. Within this circle of friends, you’ll get to see a little glimpse of what life looks through their eyes. Look for links to their blogs at the end of this post.

Our January/February involved a lot of pink (because of our Valentine loving little lady), snuggles to stay warm, a milestone tooth loss, puppet shows, coloring, so many toys, puppy love, and just a lot of every day moments that I hope to never forget.











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