Erin & Doug: Engaged!

Erin & Doug: Engaged!


Hearing how a couple got together always makes me smile, and Erin and Doug’s story is no exception!
Erin and Doug had a mutual friend. She was overseas, and Doug was in the US. He happened to see a striking young gal dressed up like Peter Pan at a costume party, and thought…I think I would get along with this girl! So after hearing from her friend for while that she had a friend who would like to talk to her, they started messaging back and forth on Facebook…and here we are around 6 years later, looking at a beautiful spirited woman and a dashing man who are very much in love and approaching their fall wedding! I don’t often get the opportunity to take engagement photos, since I am not a wedding photographer, but I was so honored that they made an exception to work with me! We had such a blast!

…and just before you ask, their sweet dog, Charlie is breed is…wait for it…Mutt and oh so adorable. We were stopped by strangers countless times to have photos taken and to pet his cute little head.






Thank you so much, Erin and Doug, for allowing me to photograph your wonderful faces. Marriage is going to look super great on you!

Thank-FULL Session Special!

Thank-FULL Session Special!

We love celebrating Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for these days, and what better way to show your thankfulness for your family than to book a photo session to help you remember things exactly the way they are now! We’re doing a special to encourage you to do just that.

The sale will be available to purchase until midnight, this Monday, November 23rd.
To book the deal go HERE!

I hope you all have had an amazing Thanksgiving, and a beautiful kick off to the Christmas season!

Hosher Family – Mini Session!

Hosher Family – Mini Session!

Here is the Hosher family. I have known these guys for only forever…Danny and Vickie were in my parent’s small group growing up so we came to love them dearly. Cory was the kid who would come over to our house to play a few days a week while Vickie was working. We would torment him by dressing him up like pretty much anything (as any respectable 3 sisters without a brother would do). He was an incredible sport about it all. Now, our dear friend is getting married. What a trip. I still can’t help but see him as “Aunt Mabel”…but that’s neither here nor there. Back to the family!

The long and short of it is that we have been blessed so much by the friendship of this family over the last 15 years plus, and it was my pleasure to photograph them as they are today. Enjoy them, I know we have!


Thank you Hosher family, for coming to me at this big turning point in your family! Now the kids are all grown up and the real fun begins…or so I’ve heard. Enjoy every moment! You are all fabulous.