Stark Family: Forever Home!

Stark Family: Forever Home!

I am passionate about adoption. I have my reasons, one being that I was told that I couldn’t have children of my own and was prepared to walk down the adoption road (a story for another day!)…another, is that there is something so heart meltingly beautiful about the concept of God creating a sweet baby in the belly of one woman, with the child’s forever family in mind.

Many know about our “Forever Home” program already, but this is just the perfect opportunity to talk about it some more! We offer one absolutely√ā¬†free portrait session, along with high resolution images to families who have adopted a child/children. I believe that it is immensely important for a kiddo to look back on their lives with their family (adopted or not!!) and feel the love in every frame. Adoption is crazy expensive, so in most cases, one of the sacrifices families make is beautiful family photos…which should not be!! These sessions are available to anyone who has been permanently placed with a child, who has given a precious little one the blessing of a stable home and a new life! If you or someone you know would be blessed by one of these sessions, email me at for availability and to set up a session!

SO…that being said…meet the new and improved, Stark family!! After a rocky adoption journey, they had the joy of welcoming Norah Stark into their family as an infant this past October. I have known Tim and Stacey for a while, and to see them as parents is to see them complete! It made me teary looking through these images and remembering the pain that they had gone through, only to see redemption in the shape of this sweet baby girl!

Meet the Starks!!



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Thank you, Starks for allowing me to document this momentous occasion in the life of your family! You are beautiful parents, and Norah is SO blessed to be with you!