Announcing Summer Mini Sessions!

Announcing Summer Mini Sessions!

We are super excited to finally be in our new home!
One of the wonderful things about it, is that we have a beautiful area right next door that is going to be the location of our upcoming mini sessions!

The first mini session date is June 23rd and we’ll have available slots from 9:00am – 2:00pm.
See below for more details!

Email us at to book your session before all of the slots are taken!

I had fun testing out our new mini session spot with my little Ella girl today.
We’re pretty excited to start taking advantage of this lovely space…and we think our princess is a little cute too.

Burgess FAMILY

Burgess FAMILY

I have been looking forward to writing this blog post for several years now…what makes this one so special? It is infinitely special because with much joy, I get to introduce you to Mae Brook Burgess!!! Remember my friends Mike and Danielle from this post…since then they have been blessed to adopt this sweet little lovey. I get so teary looking at these pictures. We have been praying for this little gal for a long time.

Doesn’t this family look so perfect?! Maeby was definitely made to be a Burgess.

Look at that hair! She’s so gorgeous!

It’s seriously so amazing to see these guys as parents. They were pretty stinking awesome before…this addition to their resume just makes them even more amazing.

OH I just can’t handle how cute she is!

“Good Looks Run in the Family”…so awesome.

Guys, I just can’t tell you how much you have blessed us over the years, and I’m SO excited to see you blessed now by this sweet Maeby baby. She was born to be a Burgess and you were made to be her parents…*tear*.

We love you guys, and can’t wait to see how much fun you’ll have with this joyful little gal.

Now let’s see if I can recover from the tears and goosebumps that I got looking through these pictures of you guys…sheesh.

The Goddesses

The Goddesses

I had never met any of these incredible gals before. They had booked me through a friend and we were to meet each other sight unseen. I walked into the Starbucks where I met them, with my gear very apparent so they could spot me when I arrived. When they waved at me from across the room, the first thought in my head was…”Jackpot”. Every single one of these ladies was absolutely beautiful, and their super incredible friendship was SO evident. This is going to be fun…and it was!

“The Goddesses” have been besties for a long time, some from high school, and a few more added on in college. When people talk about “BFFs”…this is what they’re talking about.

Oh Behave!!

They didn’t have any drama amongst them…which is such a blessing in a group of girls who have been friends as long as these five have. Who would have thought that could happen!

Sooo….we had to create some drama with some wicked lighting and stunning glares. Love.It.

Honestly, sessions like this make me unable to call what I do “work”. It’s way too stinking fun.

Ladies, thank you SO SO much for letting me spend the day with you! I seriously want to become an honorary Goddess.

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