Here is the Hosher family. I have known these guys for only forever…Danny and Vickie were in my parent’s small group growing up so we came to love them dearly. Cory was the kid who would come over to our house to play a few days a week while Vickie was working. We would torment him by dressing him up like pretty much anything (as any respectable 3 sisters without a brother would do). He was an incredible sport about it all. Now, our dear friend is getting married. What a trip. I still can’t help but see him as “Aunt Mabel”…but that’s neither here nor there. Back to the family!

The long and short of it is that we have been blessed so much by the friendship of this family over the last 15 years plus, and it was my pleasure to photograph them as they are today. Enjoy them, I know we have!


Thank you Hosher family, for coming to me at this big turning point in your family! Now the kids are all grown up and the real fun begins…or so I’ve heard. Enjoy every moment! You are all fabulous.