I’m sure you all know at least 3-4 pregnant people right now…who are probably due in December or January. I know I do! We have been anticipating the arrival of so many babies, and the Lands decided that they were going to win the “which baby will be born first” contest. Jerrett Benjamin Land made his arrival 22 days early to take the prize…way to go buddy.

He is such a teeny tiny precious little bundle. When I held him, I kept thinking…there is no way that any person has ever been this small. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s certainly how it felt. I had the supreme honor of visiting at the same time as Jesse’s Grandfather…the patriarch of their family. He is one of those men that you look at and see nothing but love and wisdom. I saw this culminated when he prayed a blessing over the newest member of his family. There are no words to express what an honor it is to have someone do this for your child. How blessed this family is!

Lands, you’re never going to get anything done…you’ll have no choice but to look at your adorable boys all the live long day. I can’t wait for your in home session!!