I have been looking forward to writing this blog post for several years now…what makes this one so special? It is infinitely special because with much joy, I get to introduce you to Mae Brook Burgess!!! Remember my friends Mike and Danielle from this post…since then they have been blessed to adopt this sweet little lovey. I get so teary looking at these pictures. We have been praying for this little gal for a long time.

Doesn’t this family look so perfect?! Maeby was definitely made to be a Burgess.

Look at that hair! She’s so gorgeous!

It’s seriously so amazing to see these guys as parents. They were pretty stinking awesome before…this addition to their resume just makes them even more amazing.

OH I just can’t handle how cute she is!

“Good Looks Run in the Family”…so awesome.

Guys, I just can’t tell you how much you have blessed us over the years, and I’m SO excited to see you blessed now by this sweet Maeby baby. She was born to be a Burgess and you were made to be her parents…*tear*.

We love you guys, and can’t wait to see how much fun you’ll have with this joyful little gal.

Now let’s see if I can recover from the tears and goosebumps that I got looking through these pictures of you guys…sheesh.