I have had the Dove family on my calendar for months now…more specifically, we have moved our date around for months. Our session has been rained out countless times, but finally last week we got to spend the afternoon with this super fun clan. Each of these kids have such sparkling personalities. It took only a matter of seconds for me to see how unique and special each one of them are. They’re all best buddies, and have their own connection with their momma. As for their mom, Jennifer, she glowed with an unspeakable pride in her sweet boys and lovely daughter.

Brothers…there were never such devoted brothers…

This little princess was cracking me up with her little stoic attitude. She would be totally straight faced, or giving me the silliest expressions…that is unless she was surrounded by her brothers. If the boys were around her she would light up. Apparently…brothers rock.

See what I mean? These kids have unbelievably bright personalities. They were so fun to be around.
Thanks for sticking with me through our rain outs, Doves! I think it was worth the wait!