Oh right…I have a blog.

Yes, I know…it has been a looooong time since I have posted anything new. I apologize! We are still waiting to move into our new home, so our office life right now is less than desirable. I hope to catch up with some of my favorite sessions from the past few months, but I’ll start you out with my most recent!

You may remember the sweet Evans family from here…it was so fun to catch up with this wonderful family and to see how quickly these cute boys have grown!!

These boys were so stoked about the Avengers! It was so darn cute!

Brayden just hammed it up for me pretty much the entire time. What a charmer!

Hi…I’m Chase, and my cuteness is├é┬áridiculous.

And helloooooo beautiful Momma and Daddy!

There is just so peaceful and lovely about these two.

Here’s something fun…This was two years ago…

….and this is now!

To conclude…this family rocks. There is something about their joy that just makes me smile.

Thank you Evans for being so wonderful!…sessions like these just make me love my job so much!