I have a special bond with these folks…and for good reason, they’re family! Louis is Brian’s cousin, and we have had the honor of watching their family grow…and grow! We got together on a gloomy day to snap a few shots of their lovely little lady, Evida to celebrate her first birthday…oh, and the beautiful baby bump on Amy, too! They’ll be expecting the next addition to the Fantasma clan at the end of the summer. I’m so glad that all of the people around me keep having babies!…(it makes it so I don’t have to have any more!)

Fun fact: These guys also own Paradise Locker Meats in Trimble, MO, and they just happen to be one of our graphic design and web clients! Check out their newest logo, on sweet Evi’s shirt toward the end of the post. Talk about promotion…taking a photo of a baby…wearing our designs. She’s a good little model!

Fantasma1Fantasma2 Fantasma3 Fantasma4


Fantasma5 Fantasma6


Thanks, guys for coming out and playing with me! I had such a blast capturing your lovely growing family (oh, and thanks again for the ridiculously delicious steaks!!).