As promised, here’s some of session number two with Joel and Mackenzie! These guys are way too easy to take pictures of. This session was particularly fun, the lighting was dreamy. I especially like the little buggies floating around in the light from the setting sun, call me crazy, but it kind of adds to the fairytale-ness of it all.

Love love love this next one.

Ok, these two melt my heart. You wanna know why? This is one Daddy who glows when he looks at his baby girl. The first one is a picture of a protective Daddy…”lay back in my lap and I’ll take care of you forever…”…oh sweetness. The second one…I kid you not, he was looking at Kenzie running around in the yard. Not a word was said, he just looked at her…behold the glow of a proud papa.

Thank you guys once more for being our friends, and spectacular models. Again, you make it all too easy on us.

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