Our dear friends, the Kerns have added to their family!! Meet Jackson Patrick Kern who was born on August 18th at a whopping 10lbs and 13oz!! (Kim, you are amazing!)

What a sweetie.

Ah! The light in their dining room was just dreamy.


John Bubby (as my daughter calls him) is such a sweet big brother!

While baby Jackson caught up on his beauty sleep, John Bubby and I went outside to play a bit (and take some pictures to celebrate his recent birthday). What a bundle of fun this kid is!

Two things: They had written “No Girls Allowed” on their playhouse, and I wasn’t about to break that rule…and yes, I am that hilarious

It wouldn’t be a complete day for this boy without playing ball. He’s a natural for sure.

LOVE this picture. He looks like such a big boy!

Oh Kerns, you are fabulous. Thank you for letting me hang out with your kiddos for the afternoon. I’m so glad that we’re friends!