Yet another reason I love my job…there are some families that adopt you into their family as soon as you set foot in their door. The Kerns are one of them. We shot Kim and John’s wedding almost 5 years ago…has it really been that long!? Now, here we are taking photos of their entire family, including their adorable 3 year old little boy!

Feel the love, folks!

Kara is John’s sister, I can’t even believe how fabulous she is.

You think that couple is cute? Check out their adorable kiddos!

And of course, the spectacular Nana and Papa of this family. Man, what a good looking bunch.

Thank you, Kern family for hanging out with us! You are all too pretty to look at!

If you want to the Kerns out, 15 comments on this blog post will win them a free 8×10!