I am so honored to present to you…the new and improved, now complete Kitchin family!

This amazing family introduced little Thomas LingTao into their family back in July. Every journey to adoption is unique, and theirs is no different. I am convinced that there is a special blessing set aside for people like Jonathan and Renae who disregard their comfort zone and trust God’s calling for them in giving this sweet boy a home. Families are knit together so divinely, it just brings tears to my eyes.

I had such a blast with each and every one of them as I saw their incredible personalities unfold throughout the night…especially when we found the water fountains at sunset. I have to warn you before you glance through these images, that you will be melted by their fun spirits and amazing bond….ok, there…you were warned.

Thank you so much, Kitchin family, for allowing me to be a part of Thomas’s homecoming. Now those bare spots on your walls that have been begging to show off your new new son can be satisfied. You are surely blessed.

“And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.” - Matthew 18:5