You want to see more of the sweet Bella baby? I don’t blame you!

Meet Sara and Bella. Two of the cutest gals you’ll ever meet. This is one special Momma who absolutely lives for her kiddos. This time around we just got to see the girls, because the rest of this little family is at their home town in Guatemala, but I hope to meet her hubby and little boy next time they come to visit. What a happy baby this little princess is! She just grinned and giggled the entire time! It helped that Mom and Grandma are super entertaining. There’s no doubt that these ladies soak in all of the blessings around them!

How sweet is this…one of my personal favorites…

Don’t ya know…Grandmas make the world go ’round!

OH what a cutie…she’s going to make everyone catch baby fever!!

Thank you, ladies for spending the morning with me. You are truly a joy to be around!