I had never met any of these incredible gals before. They had booked me through a friend and we were to meet each other sight unseen. I walked into the Starbucks where I met them, with my gear very apparent so they could spot me when I arrived. When they waved at me from across the room, the first thought in my head was…”Jackpot”. Every single one of these ladies was absolutely beautiful, and their super incredible friendship was SO evident. This is going to be fun…and it was!

“The Goddesses” have been besties for a long time, some from high school, and a few more added on in college. When people talk about “BFFs”…this is what they’re talking about.

Oh Behave!!

They didn’t have any drama amongst them…which is such a blessing in a group of girls who have been friends as long as these five have. Who would have thought that could happen!

Sooo….we had to create some drama with some wicked lighting and stunning glares. Love.It.

Honestly, sessions like this make me unable to call what I do “work”. It’s way too stinking fun.

Ladies, thank you SO SO much for letting me spend the day with you! I seriously want to become an honorary Goddess.

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