My April 10 on 10 was a fun one. One of the countless benefits of being able to work from home and and hang out with my kiddos, is having the flexibility to go on fun field trips! We went to Fogle’s Farm in Harrisonville, MO, where we got to see them hook up cows for their milking and play with pigs and baby cows! The kids were in heaven! Tessa and Max were overcome by the cuteness of the baby cows. Tessa would randomly grab Max and hug him as tightly as she could because she “just can’t handle their face!!”. Max was a mad man through the whole visit, and was totally covered in mud by the time we were ready to go. He’s definitely an outdoorsy kid.
We even bought some of the fresh raw cow’s milk…boy is it tasty!! The farmers at Fogle’s were wonderful with our kiddos, even letting them pour milk into the baby cow’s bins, and answered all of their crazy little questions with so much patience. They have a tent at the Lee’s Summit Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, so be sure to stop by and meet them and set up a tour of your own! They are the best! We will definitely visit again.




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