When I thought about how fun it would be to feature our first camping trip on this month’s 10 on 10, I envisioned lots of sunshine and maybe some fishing, hiking, and fun in the wild. (Camping is one of our first big items to check off on our Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List! )While it was a LOT of fun, it was not what we expected. We rolled up Friday night with some sunshine and lots of excitement. We set up our campsite with our friends, made dinner, and sat around the campfire, enjoying smores and telling stories in a round…then began the rain prep. We knew there was a good chance of rain, but since we are in the Kansas City area, and the forecast rarely stays the same from one hour to the next, we were hopeful that it would be short lived. We woke up to the sound of rain on our tarp covered tent around 6am.  It rained hard all morning and the majority of the afternoon. The kids did so well…playing in the rain and hunting for snails. We tried to venture out a few times after naps, where we found the true meaning of isolated showers, that made us not want to leave our handy dandy tarp awning.

Even though we had a little rain on our parade, we still had a ton of fun with our buddies and would do it all over again!


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