You will see a LOT of pictures of my nieces and nephews in my personal pictures, and this post is no different. We have a very unique family make up, because my sister and I ensured that we would always be close by marrying brothers. It’s not incest, and it’s not even really that strange. We meet people all the time who say…”Oh, yeah…my great aunt and her sister married brothers too!”.  So maybe it was more common a while back than it is now, but were still not the first people who did it!! Anyway, because of this special family make-up, our kiddos look and act like siblings! The whole family is very close, so when we get together at my in laws, there is always a lot of running, a lot of lawn mower rides (and running from the mower), lots of candy and fruit snacks, and always a ton of snuggles and fun! In the midst of all of the fun, my father in law (Poppy) is always standing by with his video camera to capture the little kid’s hilarious stories and antics. Someday we’ll actually see all of that footage, but as of now, I’m just glad that he cares as much about preserving this time as I do!
Here’s a little glimpse into an average day at Nona & Poppy’s with ALL of “my” kids.

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