Well that was a long break! Approximately 6 months ago I announced my pregnancy with this sweet baby boy, and that I had been placed on bed rest. What a crazy ride that was! During that time, we moved, began renovations on our new home, and on January 13th, 2016 welcomed Joseph Liam Fantasma into our family. We had opted to not find out his gender ahead of time…but that wasn’t the only surprise, as he was two weeks early and weighed nearly a whole pound more than my other two overdue babies!

Anyway…I’m so excited to be back at it, telling your stories and saving your memories! I will be starting up slowly, as my snuggle time with this sweet babe is at the top of my list for now, but I will have some availability starting in April!

Thank you all for your encouragement, support, and for holding out for me! I am absolutely humbled by how many of you faithful clients and friends have waited to be photographed by me! You guys are the best! Here’s to another beautiful year!