This season, I have had the busiest photography season to date along with homeschooling my sweet Ella through 1st grade. It’s quite an undertaking, and no…I don’t sleep. I regret that this year has been less enjoying fun fleeting moments with my kids, and more juggling client schedules, returning phone calls and emails, and fulfilling print orders.  I don’t have enough time with these two and am committed to make sure that I don’t make that mistake again! 2015 will look different for me, as I am committing to only take 1-2 sessions per week. Photography is definitely a love for me that I will not give up, but I need to take advantage of the time with my sweeties that I have…while they still want to play hide and seek with me!

Another new potential change, is that our little family may grow through adoption! We have always loved adoption and have wanted to expand our family through this avenue, but have been waiting for God to indicate that the time was right. Well, we believe that he has led us to the time to begin this process! We have completed our home study (whew!) and are now working with a crisis pregnancy center in Manhattan, KS called Life Choice Ministries, where we hope to adopt a child younger than those that we currently have (most likely a newborn) to maintain the birth order of our children. This will be a private, domestic adoption. We are excited to be matched with a mama that we will be able to bond with as she shares this unbelievable gift with us! Of course, we have no idea when this will take place! It could be anywhere between 2 and 12 years, but when it does happen, I will be taking a break to adjust to our new family and make sure that I am able to bond with our new little one. All clients who book with me are made aware of this, and will certainly be covered if they book during a time that I am unavailable, and we will update you all also as soon as we are sure of anything!

Pray for us and our journey! We’re so excited, and nervous, and just ready to get this party started! Thankfully, we have these sweet kiddos to enjoy while we wait! Now that I have rambled for a good amount of time…take a look at these beautiful people that I call mine.


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