This past weekend we had the honor of visiting my grandparents in Grove, OK for the weekend. What a joy they are. These are the spectacular folks, who even though they live several hours away, talk to us on average three times a week. They are determined to have relationships with us and our kiddos even though there is geographical distance between us.

We had a wonderfully relaxing time with them over the weekend. The coolest thing to me was how my daughter, Elliana had a connection with them even though she has only seen them once or twice in her life. We’ve now been home for a day and a half and she’s still talking about them. It brought tears to my eyes seeing my Grandpa snuggling little Ella and reading books to her, the very same way he did with me, my sisters, and my cousins. It was so sweet to see Grandma cradling Ella’s baby dolls, upon Ella’s request, and to hear my little princess admiring her beautiful knitting handy work.

Brian got to work with Grandpa in the “Shack” (wood shop) on a little project as well. Grandpa has such attention to detail and is of course amazing at what he does. This is the same talented guy who made the beautiful recipe box from my previous post.

We are blessed beyond words to have such a wonderful family, particularly these Grandparents. We look forward to many more visits with these simply amazing people.