My crazy little Max man is TWO YEARS OLD! I can’t believe it. I’m sure all of you mommas and daddies out there know what I’m talking about when I say that I can’t imagine my life without him, but I still can’t grasp the fact that it has already been two years since we welcomed this crazy little kiddo into our family. He has given us a lot of exercise and even more laughs in these past two years, and we’re so excited to see how he grows…and when he’ll slow down!

In the midst of the Easter gatherings this weekend, we had a “Where the Wild Things Are” party for our little king of the Wild Things. He absolutely loves that book…of course adding his own spin when we read it, by vocalizing the “terrible roars”, so it was only appropriate that we celebrate his arrival to the terrible twos (hopefully, not!) in this way. The festivities of the day included pin the tail on the “Max” (from the book), and an Easter Egg hunt. So fun! Here’s a little sneaky peek into our fun day.










A huge thank you to all of our friends and family who cane out to celebrate two years of Max with us! He is such a blessing to us, and so are all of you!