It’s fair to say that I am not very good at setting boundaries between work and play. It’s something that I have been working really hard to perfect. It will probably be a long while before I am there, but this weekend I think I did a pretty good job. I set everything aside and was determined to just enjoy the weekend with family and friends. A much needed break.

We had several fun things to do this weekend. The Independence Day Extravaganza began with lunch at my parents house, and a fresh produce explosion party.

That would be the remains of a head of cabbage…notice also the bits of onion, eggplant, watermelon, and a few pieces of a Nerf ball…
Come back to the blog later today for videos of the carnage. So fun.

It was interesting trying to teach our little ones how to cover their ears in preparation for a big boom. They usually just covered their eyes or put one finger in their ear. Maybe they’ll get it next time around.

My little curly girly was a crackup. She only had trouble with the fireworks (or whatever else we blew up) if she couldn’t see an explosion. If she did see something blow into a billion pieces her response was usually…”YAY! It’s loud!!”. She does her daddy proud.

To the left you will see an image most of you can relate with. A dog who can’t handle the sound of fireworks and has to be drugged to get through Independence Day weekend. She was literally falling asleep standing up. To the right, my spectacular sister, Heather drinking out of a sippy cup. I like her a lot.

This Fourth was a little different than usual around here, because we also celebrated my nephew, Vince’s 3rd birthday. His actual birthday is at the beginning of June, but since his momma had some pretty serious surgery around then, the party was postponed. Oh what fun.

Check out the birthday cake my sister made for little Vinnie. He’s obsessed with Mario Cart, so it was only appropriate to make a Mario Cart cake. Yes, that is a Yoshi made of fondant. She’s amazing at what she does……in case you were wondering.

Now what do you do with the rest of your dry ice at the end of Fourth of July weekend? Make steamy drinks of course.

I hope that you all had a spectacular Independence Day. Don’t forget to continuously thank those brave folks who keep this fun holiday worth celebrating.

Here’s to a super fun, work free weekend, I think I’m ready for another…