A few months ago I embarked on a project that ideally will never be completed. My recipe collection. After careful consideration of my culinary methods I decided that recipe cards would be the best bet for me to keep everything as organized and accessible as possible. Immediately, the search began for the perfect recipe box. All of them that I found were decked out with cartoon characters and picnic blanket prints, or were woefully expensive. Then it hit me, I am blessed to have a Grandpa who is a brilliant carpenter. I called him up and shared my idea with him. He accepted my project and began the search for the plans for my box. A few weeks later I was ecstatic to find a box on the front porch containing my brand new recipe box and a beautiful utensil holder to match! Grandpa loves me. The box was absolutely perfect. As you can see…

So then I needed to put something inside the box. And the quest for the perfect recipe cards began. Again, it was a disappointing quest. Another rather obvious epiphany followed: “Hey, you’re a designer…make your own.” So I did! I’m rather pleased with the outcome of this project. I now have cards that are perfectly designed for my needs.

Now, the final step: Filling out the cards. I have a pretty good collection going on as it is, but would love to fill my new box with newly designed cards and new recipes! If you have any recipes that no box is complete without, I would love to have them! I may even document the completion of said recipes if they are particularly good.

Thank you in advance for your submissions! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!