Moving on

You may have noticed that when you go to you are directed here, to the blog. This is not a mistake, and no, your computer is not conspiring against you to make you think you are crazy. We have decided to move on from that site and use the blog as a temporary landing site until our new fancy website is done. Brian, our web designer extraordinaire, is working on something special, designed just for us. It’ll be grand, but in the mean time you can get all of your info here.

We have a new proofing system AND a new printing company, so if you have ordered from us in the past, it will be a little different now. It will be way easier. If you had galleries on our other site and want to place an order, shoot an email to me at and I will make your new gallery accessible for you.
New tabs at the top of our navigation bar will appear over the next few days as we add some extra information and portfolio items that we had before. Keep an eye out for all of the changes, it is so exciting!

So, to sum up…Old site gone. New site coming. Come here for the latest news & portfolio items. New proofing. New printing. Be excited.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at (816)547-4510 or email at
Thanks for hanging in there as we go through all of these changes, you’ll be glad you did.